According to her mother, even as a baby, Lindsey was a committed book enthusiast and the first sentence she learned to say was ‘read it’! Barlow family legend narrates that the arrival of a rather demanding little brother and the presence of an older brother who enjoyed getting into scrapes, dictated that there was rarely an adult on hand to tell her a story. A frustrated Lindsey therefore taught herself to read aged three and was soon requesting regular trips to the library where she devoured everything she could lay her hands on, swiftly graduating from the Mr Men and The Tiger Who Came To Tea to The Worst Witch and Judy Blume. When birthdays and Christmas came around, envelopes rather than parcels were always opened first for it could only mean one thing: the most prized of all presents, the beloved Book Token! Now she reads anything and everything from children’s to contemporary and classic fiction.

With a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Information Studies under her belt, Lindsey worked as a Librarian for more than fifteen years before having her daughter in December 2014. Now Mummy to a toddler, (who she is delighted to report is already prone to being extremely bookish!), Lindsey is often to be found embroiled in the singing of nursery rhymes, impersonation of assorted farmyard animals and administering of mini gingerbread men and strawberries with the pips removed – achieving this is no mean feat! She is over the moon to be undertaking more grown-up pursuits in her part time role as Assistant at Hardman & Swainson.