The Adults by Caroline Hulse US Review Round-up

The Adults, the explosively funny debut by Caroline Hulse, is published by Random House in the US on November 27th!  In the run up to its US publication, The Adults has been selected by Entertainment Weekly, LibraryReads and BookBub as one of their November reads, and featured on the Indie Next List as a December read. Caroline was also included in an article for The Wall Street Journal on how her experiences of playing poker have influenced her writing. Read below some of the great reviews The Adults has been getting across the Atlantic:
‘A laugh-past-where-it-hurts odyssey’
Lauren Oster, Read it Forward, The Best Gifts for Trendsetters in 2018
‘I happily devoured this funny, insightful novel and believe you will, as well.’
Julie Schumacher, author of Dear Committee Members and The Shakespeare Requirement
‘A snappy writing style and changing viewpoints make the pages of this debut fly by as readers will want to know what happens next.’
Library Journal (starred review)
‘An entertaining, tongue-in-cheek tale of people who are the adults, after all.’
Michele Leber, Booklist
‘This debut is the whole package: realistic, flawed characters placed in an increasingly tense situation, resulting in a surprising, suspenseful novel.’
Publisher’s Weekly

‘A comedic farce that sears all the goo out of Christmas fables…Tension escalates with hilarious and unexpected results.’
Sarah Skilton, Barnes & Noble, November’s Best New Fiction

‘The perfect novel for the age of “conscious uncoupling,” this witty and shrewd story tells what happens when grown-ups promise to act their age — and fail.’
Jennie Yabroff, Brightly

‘Want a book you can chomp down? The Adults, an acerbic comedy about adults attempting to be grown-ups, is it.’
Elena Nicolaou, Refinery 29, The Best Books of November

Meet The Adults.

Claire and Matt are no longer together but decide that it would be best for their daughter, Scarlett, to have a “normal” family Christmas. They can’t agree on whose idea it was to go to the Happy Forest holiday park, or who said they should bring their new partners. But someone did—and it’s too late to pull the plug. Claire brings her new boyfriend, Patrick (never Pat), a seemingly sensible, eligible from a distance Ironman in Waiting. Matt brings the new love of his life, Alex, funny, smart, and extremely patient. Scarlett, who is seven, brings her imaginary friend Posey. He’s a giant rabbit. Together the five (or six?) of them grit their teeth over Forced Fun Activities, drink a little too much after Scarlett’s bedtime, overshare classified secrets about their pasts . . . and before you know it, their holiday is a powder keg that ends where this novel begins—with a tearful, frightened call to the police.

What happened? They said they’d all be adults about this. . . .

Caroline Hulse spends most of her days writing, having fulfilled her dream of having a job she could do in pyjamas. She also works in Human Resources sometimes. She is openly competitive and loves playing board and card games. She can often be found in casino poker rooms. She lives with her husband in Manchester.

Find Caroline on Twitter at @CarolineHulse1.