Rachel Edwards’ debut ‘Brexit’ thriller, DARLING, to 4th Estate

Congratulations to Rachel Edwards, whose debut ‘reading group thriller’, Darling, set in the wake of Brexit, has been acquired by Anna Kelly at 4th Estate.

Set over just six months, from June to December 2016, the novel centres on the clash between the protagonist, Darling, and her new white stepdaughter, Lola. Darling is determined to make things work with her new husband, Thomas, but teenager Lola has other ideas – and it takes only six months for things to go tragically wrong. Told in alternating chapters in Darling’s and Lola’s voices, Darling is set against the politics of Brexit Britain and full of issues, including racism, right-wing populism, mental health, and sexual abuse.

Kelly said: “Darling and Lola are outstanding fictional creations and the skill with which Rachel Edwards conjures their contrasting voices and conflicting personalities announce her as a huge talent. Rachel has found a clever and original way to explore the current tensions in our country through the twists and turns of a riveting plot, and I am certain that this novel will attract a great deal of attention.”

You can read more about it in The Bookseller.