The agency celebrates its 5th birthday!

Thank you to everyone who came to our fifth birthday party at the Water Poet in Shoreditch last Thursday 28th, September. It was great to see so many of our authors in one room, along with their editors, publishers and others we work with who turn their brilliant ideas and manuscripts into books.

We were lucky to have Christopher Vaughan on hand to capture the fun.

HS_CarolineCharlotte HS_CarolineEmad HS_Cathy HS_ChristineElizabethPeter HS_Danny HS_EllieIain HS_GiovannaIzzy HS_HannahVictoria HS_JoKaty HS_Katie HS_Lisa HS_MattMichael HS_MicheleCressy HS_Mira HS_Oggy HS_RachelEmily HS_Sarah HS_Sue HS_ThereseSimon HS_Victoria HS_Zoe HSParty_JoshPete HSParty1 HSParty2 HSParty3 HSPartyA