The Beautiful Cure shortlisted for Royal Society Science Book Prize

We are thrilled at the news that the brilliant Daniel M. Davis has been shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize 2018. The Beautiful Cure. A thought-provoking exploration of the body and the key to staying healthy, it is one of only six books shortlisted for the Prize.

A celebration of the most outstanding popular science writers and authors, the Prize has had a string of notable winners including Bill Bryson and Stephen Hawking. A panel of experts, led by Frances Ashcroft, comprising renowned scientists, authors, journalists and broadcasters will select the book they believe makes popular science writing compelling and accessible to the public as their winner.

The winner will be announced at a special award ceremony, taking place on Monday 1 October presented by physicist and author Professor Brian Cox. The ceremony is open to the public and free to attend.

What if the cure to cancer, arthritis and the common cold already exists? What if it’s already inside of our bodies, waiting to be unlocked? In The Beautiful Cure, leading immunologist Professor Daniel Davis describes the scientific quest to understand how the immune system works – and how it is affected by stress, sleep, age and our state of mind – and explains how this knowledge is now unlocking a revolutionary new approach to medicine and wellbeing.

The Beautiful Cure tells a dramatic story of detective work and discovery, of puzzles solved and of the mysteries that remain, of lives sacrificed and saved, introducing the reader to this revelatory new understanding of the human body and what it takes to be healthy.

Daniel M Davis is Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester. His previous book, The Compatibility Gene, was longlisted for the 2014 Royal Society Winton Science Book Prize and shortlisted for the Society of Biology Book Prize.