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Pierce Oliviera has already died once, two years ago, when she was barely fifteen. It was an accident; she drowned in the family pool. For more than an hour she was dead, and then she wasn’t – that was a miracle. Or maybe a curse, because her memory of that lost hour in the Underworld now haunts her everyday teenage life. So, too, does a dark, uncanny presence.

Pierce may have escaped death, but she’s not got quit of death’s brooding, silver-eyed deity – aka John Hayden – who’s broken a few netherworld rules to pursue the object of his eternal desire. He’s followed Pierce from Connecticut to Florida, to Isla Huesos, where she has to deal not only with the indignities accorded a new girl in high school but also with the band of vengeful Furies on John’s tail. Both her shadow and her shield, John turns up at the very moments Pierce could do with some otherworldly assistance. Pierce could fall for a guy like this. And risk ending up back in that night-veiled place she fears most.


This time Pierce isn’t dead. Neither is she willingly located in the dim, twilit world between heaven and hell, where the spirits of the dead await their final journey. Her dark prince and captor, John Hayden, claims to have sequestered her there for her own safety, to protect her from the Furies who would wreak vengeance both upon him – for tampering unfavorably with their destiny -and upon the one he loves. Safe though Pierce may now be from the wrath of the Furies, she begins to sense more sinister dangers lurking in John Hayden’s shadowy realm: dangers that may have more do with him than with his enemies. Eternity looms; Pierce has little time to escape.


The sacrifice had seemed worth it to Pierce. Certainly the surety and sweet happiness she’d found in John’s love were worth it, for all her dread of forever in the Underworld. Only now that happiness, and indeed her very being, and his, are gravely threatened. For the Furies have discovered that the princely Hayden has violated one of their strictest tenets: he revived a human soul. And unless the balance between life and death is duly restored, the ravages of the Furies will be visited not only upon Pierce in the Underworld but also upon her beloved family back on earth. The Furies are out for blood, preferably John’s, and not even talismans forged by ancient gods are going to stop them. But Pierce has a plan that might.