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Claudia and Marius were a happy couple, that is until Marius vanished whilst climbing in the Himalayas.

Eight months on and Claudia’s struggling to move forwards amid the well-intentioned though often ill-advised support of her overbearing family. Her mother wants her to get a chinchilla. Her brother thinks she needs to find someone new. Claudia just wants to be left to her misery.

Then one afternoon the unthinkable happens: Marius returns, backpack on his shoulder, tangible, warm and alive! But there’s a problem: as real as Marius might seem to Claudia, nobody else can see him. Over the weeks that follow, Claudia finds herself having to make some decisions about how to move forwards and get on with her life. The trouble is that it looks very much as though the only way she can take back control is by losing Marius – whatever she had left of him anyway – all over again.