Publisher To Be Announced

Spring 2021

11-year-old orphan Echo Quickthorn dreams of travelling beyond Albion’s city walls and into the forbidden Barren lands. She lives in the royal palace, where one night she is awoken by the eccentric Professor Daggerwing, who has parked his rickety airship, the Hummerbird, right outside her window.

Daggerwing is an explorer who claims to have a map to the secret world beyond the Barren. But when the Professor is expelled from the city by an overprotective king, and his map burnt, Echo steals his confiscated ship and embarks on a life-changing voyage into the unknown. She discovers that the mother she previously thought was dead, is actually a (very much alive) famous and feared sky pirate, leading her to scour the lands to find her. She travels from the colourfully mismatched city of Tourbillion to the Butterfly islands and the deadly Dragon mountains to find her, all with the help of Daggerwing, her pet lizard Gilbert and her irritating cousin Prince Horace.

Echo will see lands she never knew existed, face enemies she never knew she had and make countless friendships along the way which will help her more than she knows.