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You breathe in and out every few seconds, whether you like it or not.  But what’s in the air that you breathe?  There’s no way to be sure, but this new book from air quality specialist and full-time breather Dr Mark Broomfield will tell you everything you need to know.  From the price of your house to butterflies and bogs, from public relations nightmares to headline news, from holes in the ozone layer to disappearing gases, from the French Revolution to the future of the planet, from sniffing to sneezing via seven million mysterious deaths each year, Every Breath You Take mixes personal stories, current science and Mark’s own experiences to give you the low down on what’s up high.

The future of the air that we breathe has never been more important.  Air pollution is headline news around the world, as we finally get to grips with how bad pollution is for us.  Yet the amount of pollution in the air you breathe weighs about as much as a paper clip spread through the Albert Hall.  How can such a tiny amount of stuff have such a dramatic effect?  Will our grandchildren still have an atmosphere worth breathing?  Why are pollution levels so much higher in the industrial cities of India and China – and what are the prospects for improvement?  How do we measure air pollution and what on earth is an odour panel? Should you buy, hold on to, or avoid a diesel car?  And who can be trusted to give you the truth about what’s in the atmosphere?  Read this book to find out.