Atom / Little, Brown
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“Fans who found themselves entranced by Lo’s previous work will be pleased to know that the magic has returned to the Wood,” announces the Bulletin for the Center on Children’s Books. For Huntress, the richly imagined prequel to Ash, indeed weaves an irresistible spell as it explores the powers of love and loss in an adventure that takes seventeen-year-old Taisin, a gifted sage in training, and her beloved Kaede on a quest to redeem the Kingdom from a curse that has fallen upon the land.

For two years the Kingdom has suffered meagre harvests and severe winters, and now spring has not returned. Hunger plagues the populace; unrest sweeps across the countryside. A summons to the palace of the Fairy Queen sets Taisin and Kaede on their arduous journey, which confronts them with starving bandits, monstrous creatures, strange corpses, and a pack of ferocious wolves. More wondrously, they find themselves falling in love. To perils and amazements they add romance – and impossibility.

“Lo’s storytelling and prose are masterful, and her protagonists will fascinate.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Lo has created a wonderfully detailed world . . . [in] this dynamic and moving story of love that must find a way against nearly insurmountable odds.”
School Library Journal