Germany: Penhaligon/ Randomhouse
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Rea Emris is an abomination. Or so she has been told. She grows up in a world where touching is outlawed. That law was passed because of people like her: when she touches someone’s bare skin, she can not only read their thoughts, but also change them. She is a magdalene.

Only at night, when she can no longer resist the urge to feel another’s mind, she sneaks away to the darkest parts of the city. There, she competes in illegal bare-knuckle fights, winning them with her special brand of brain, not brawn.

She catches the attention of the Captain of the Royal Guard of England, who is searching for someone to serve as a secret bodyguard to the Crown Prince. When he picks her out, unaware that she is a magdalene, Rea cannot refuse the royal order. So she comes to court, to serve the very people who would have her killed in an instant if they knew her secret. But life at court is more complicated than it seems at first, especially when the Crown Prince looks at her in a way that all decorum forbids. 

Rea must make a choice: to keep hiding in the shadows, or to show the world who she really is, fighting alongside her own – and against the man she loves.