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In 1997, Emma Slade, a high-flying debt analyst for a large investment bank in Hong Kong, was taken hostage in a hotel room on a business trip to Jakarta. She thought she was lucky to come out of it unscathed, but over the ensuing weeks and months, as the financial markets crashed, Emma became her own distressed asset as the trauma following the event took hold.

After taking time out to attend a residential course for PTSD sufferers back in the UK, Emma tried again to carry on with her job but found her view on life had changed. She decided to leave the City and take another look at life. During this time she discovered the healing power of yoga. This naturally led onto an interest in Buddhism and she formally became a Buddhist in 2003.

As a predominantly Buddhist nation, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan had a long held appeal for Emma and she made her first trip to the country in 2011. There she met a Lama who became her mentor and set her on the path to formal ordination as a nun in Bhutan in 2014.

From ordinary beginnings in a Kent seaside town, to Cambridge and Goldsmith universities, to becoming a successful woman in a man’s world and onto the beautiful mountains of Bhutan, with insight and humour, Emma details her journey of a life lived to extremes. We see how certain events tipped her into spirituality from which she has taken great comfort and learned to make peace with herself and the world around her.

‘This is an amazing woman with an amazing story’ ~ Davina McCall