Dead as a Dodo? Don’t you believe it!

Ten-year-old Leni lives on the island of Mauritius and loves birds. From her beachside treehouse, she dreams of being a vet someday, helping the feathered creatures of her homeland. Sadly, there’s one she thinks she’ll never get to see – the dodo. It’s been extinct for hundreds of years. But all that could be about to change with the arrival of a couple of bird boffins.

Arch rival scientists – Jethro Flowers from England and Celia Scissorson from Australia – disembark on the tropical island and discover they’re on the same mission. Both professors want to bring the legendary bird back from the dead. They call it de-extinction. The race is on – and feathers are about to fly. Bird-loving Leni is fascinated and is keen to help them both. Will either of them manage to re-do the dodo? Or will their bitter rivalry just leave them with egg on their faces?

What’s more, flamboyant sugar tycoon Benny Chouchou isn’t happy about the professors’ aims and is determined to stop dodos making a comeback at all, so the big, flightless birds doesn’t get in the way of his plans to expand his sugar empire. Chouchou sends his two gormless henchmen, Beefball and Wingnut, to spy on the two professors and steal their dodo eggs.

Could the hapless bird be doomed to re-extinction before it’s even been de-extincted? Or can Leni help make sure that, for the dodo, life is sweeter second time around?

She’s about to find out.