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1949. Three years after the Japanese Occupation has ended, Miranda Lewis and her husband Gerry arrive in Singapore shortly after the death of their infant son. The Malayan Peninsula is in a state of instability with increasingly violent outbreaks of communist-led guerrilla attacks against the British.

From the outset, Miranda and Gerry’s marriage shows signs of strain and Miranda is unsettled by the tumultuous political climate. Just as she has started to make new friends, a well- intended act turns sour. She fails to convince those around her of her innocence, which leads to her exclusion from expat society.

But an encounter with a young British medic, Nick, leads to Miranda volunteering at the local Mission Hospital andorphanage, where she begins to find purpose. When riotingexplodes across the island, Miranda follows Nick from the hospital onto the burning streets where they risk their lives to help, and amidst the mayhem, they become close.

Hiding secrets of his own, Gerry urges Miranda to return to England without him, questioning her loyalty to him as she supports the locals’ cause. Miranda is forced to choose between tradition and independence, a decision that threatens to have devastating consequences.

Through Miranda’s eyes the events call into question the role of women, racial inequality, ambition, passion, growth and independence. She, like the local population, pushes against the boundaries of colonialism and finds freedom she never knew existed.