Edinburgh lawyer, Cassie Carlisle, arrives home from hospital shell-shocked with Sophie, her new baby daughter. She has all the misgivings facing new mothers: will she be able to cope? Will she love Sophie, and be able to care for her? Will her and her husband, Jonathan’s, relationship survive? In her discombobulation, Cassie opens her email hoping to find comfort in messages of congratulations. Her inbox contains 104 messages with the subject heading ’48 stitches later!’ They are in response to a grisly blow by blow account of Cassie’s labour, plus attached photo, that Jonathan inadvertently sent not just to close family and friends, but to everyone in her contacts.

The initial sleep-deprived days pass in a blur. Cassie’s professional life constantly impacts on her life as a new mother. Jonathan has started sleep-walking and talking, but when awake only converses through jokes and all Cassie needs is his support. Her misogynistic boss is more demanding than ever. And then there’s the taskforce of Babycraft mums and dads who take parenting to whole new levels of competitiveness. While Cassie is seized by post-natal hypochondria, sexy, swaggering ex-boyfriend, Malkie, gets a job at her law firm. Unlike Jonathan, he seems to get her. He’d like to get her into bed again, too.

It is Lucy Lawrie’s warmth, perception and humour in this story, fraught with misunderstandings, domestic and work related traumas, that give new insight, humanity and poignancy to these timeless themes. Tiny Acts of Love portrays the rawness of motherhood, the flipside of love and the lure of paths not taken.

‘Funny, poignant and honest, this is a cracker of a debut.’ ~ The Sun

A beautiful portrayal of the tribulations of becoming a new mum, it’s a fantastic debut.’ ~OK! Magazine