Since tweed-coated, leather-booted intrepid explorers of yesteryear first embarked on journeys into the true unknown, world exploration has driven a passion within us. They dangled tantalising adventures in front of us and ignited a deep curiosity in the world in which we live, a desire to see further, experience more and achieve the impossible.

The world is full of incredible, breath-taking destinations, but to experience the world’s largest, oldest, highest or most extreme places – those that are truly and factually unsurpassable – provides us with an undeniable sense of achievement and goes some way to helping us make sense of our place on this great big planet.

Visiting the world’s most outstanding destinations – whether it is the lowest point on earth, the most remote island on the planet or the world’s largest cave, will fill you with a sense that ‘it doesn’t get better than this’. To be able to understand our fascinatingly complex world, seeing the tallest building, driving along the oldest road or exploring the biggest castle helps put everything in perspective.

This fascinating book takes you on a journey of discovery from swimming in the world’s deepest lake to stepping foot on the largest sand island to kayaking through our planet’s longest underground river. Whether it is the lowest point on dry land, the highest inhabited village or the oldest zoo you will find riveting information, practical travel tips, inspirational photography and plenty of ‘did you know?’ trivia which is bound to ignite your wanderlust. With a perfect combination of easy-to-visit and off-the-beaten-track destinations 100 Record-Breaking Travel Destinations combines geographical intrigue and astonishing facts to bring you the travel world’s answer to the Guinness Book of World Records.