Rickshaw 2013
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Have you ever wondered what it s like to have everything? Tanya Travis doesn’t have to. As host of TV show ‘The Truth with Tanya Travis,’ she has glamour, luxury, success and a designer kitchen to die for.

However, Tanya s life of bespoke interiors, Prada handbags and myriad TV awards is not all it seems. Hounded by the press with damning headlines about her life, looks, and body, she is obsessed with staying young and seemingly perfect. But when she reads about her partner’s weakness for twenty-something blondes and problems mount up on the show, Tanya s carefully constructed celebrity life begins to come apart at the seams. Her only lifeline is ‘Celebrity Spa Trek’ a reality show in the Himalayas ‘where bad celebrities go good.’ But can clean-freak Tanya cope with no hot water, Yak’s cheese, heartbreak and the sheer showbiz bitchiness of a c-list celebrity trek through the Himalayas? Does she even have a choice?

‘If you are looking for an extremely humorous fictional take on what it’s like to be a failing celebrity then this will be a winner!’
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