Fans of Lizzie Page’s heartfelt and compelling War Nurses trilogy have much to be excited about as Kathryn Taussig, Associate Publisher at Bookouture has acquired World English rights for two new novels from Thérèse Coen. The new titles are set to be published in 2020, and like the War Nurses, will be inspired by the real stories of people living in wartime Britain.

Lizzie’s third Bookouture title, When I Was Yours, and emotional story about a young girl evacuated from the East End and her relationship with the woman she is sent to live with, will be published in April 2019.

Lizzie Page says: I’m absolutely thrilled to be signing for two more books with Bookouture. Kathryn is a fabulous editor and it’s a huge pleasure to work with her. Kathryn helped turn the War Nurses trilogy into something very wonderful and I can’t wait to see what we do with the next two books. There will be women overcoming adversity in a war-time situation (inspired by real-life heroines), there will be difficult relationships, and there will also be some surprises on the way too.

Kathryn Taussig says: There’s something very special about Lizzie’s writing, which takes the events we read about in history books and makes them utterly personal and human. Her characters are nuanced and genuine, and Lizzie shows real compassion for them – for this reason her books are always very moving. I am so looking forward to working on more novels together – they’re going to be brilliant!

Lizzie Page did an MA in creative and life writing at Goldsmiths University, London and has a degree in Politics and International Studies from Warwick University. She has also worked in marketing, teaching, copy-writing, editing and freelance journalism. And a long, long time ago, she wrote four erotic novels that were published by Black Lace: the translations of which were very popular in Holland and Germany, curiously enough.

Read Bookouture’s announcement here.