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Her Secret War

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Her Secret War is the story of a deadly tangle of love and espionage in war-torn Britain.

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Pam Lecky


1st June 1941: Germany drops bombs on neutral Dublin and Sarah Gillespie loses her family and home that fateful night. Days later, the love of her life, Paul Ryan, leaves Ireland to enlist in the RAF. With nothing to keep her in Ireland and a burning desire to help the war effort, Sarah seeks refuge with relatives in Hampshire, England, and settles into a new life. In the weeks that follow, there is no contact from Paul, and Sarah slowly accepts he has forgotten her.

Sarah’s family history quickly catches up with her, and she is asked to prove her loyalty to Britain, leading her to embark on a mission to uncover a spy at Vickers Supermarine, the manufacturers of the famous Spitfire fighter plane. But to do so, she must become romantically involved with a fifth columnist. A dangerous game ensues as she is plunged deeper into the murky world of WW2 espionage.

Can Sarah trust those around her and prevent her new life unravelling?


‘This tale of family, loyalty and carving out a new life is a heart-wrenching and fascinating read.’
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