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The Wayfarer Saga

It begins in a dark valley, the trees laden with snow. It begins with a lone wanderer in the pale hours of twilight and the blue darkness of dusk. It begins with a question: Are you afraid?

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CE Bernard


Weyd is a Wayfarer. He has walked paths and scaled mountains and sailed upon waters others can only dream of. Branded as a Nowhere and met with distrust wherever he and his company go, he spends the winters in the valley of Schur. Here the nights are Dark and Fear walks the roads, for no stars shine in the sky and no moon rises over the horizon. Not since the beacons in the Towers of Light burned out.

The Wayfarer has accepted his fate. He will live quietly and eventually fade into oblivion, along with the knowledge that the wayfarers were once the guardians of light.

Until the night the Shadows rise. The massacre they engender will only be the first of many, and the Shadows cannot be fought, not with arrow or iron. They relentlessly sear through any living soul they come across, human or animal, melting their flesh, cracking their bones and turning their organs to ash. They lay waste to entire villages in seconds. To overcome the Shadows, Weyd must light the darkened beacons in the Towers of Light, far away in the South and North and East, the White and the Black and the Grey.

The Shadows are not the sole enemy. Weyd and his company of Nowheres will have to overcome the murderous and lecherous Baron Lurin and his uncompromising army, along with a far greater threat, the one that resides within the people, which is unpredictable and utterly deadly:


For don’t you know what the song says?

That the road to the Towers

is the road walked with Death.