Her Secret War, the compelling wartime novel of love and espionage by Pam Lecky has been acquired by Avon in a two-book deal! World rights were bought by senior commissioning editor Katie Loughnane from Thérèse Coen. Her Secret War is set to be published this October.

In June 1941, Sarah Gillespie loses her family and home when Germany drops bombs on neutral Dublin. With nothing to keep her in Ireland, she seeks refuge in England, but when her family history catches up with her, she is asked to prove her loyalty by uncovering a spy at her workplace – the manufacturer of the Spitfire fighter plane.

Katie said: “Her Secret War is a gripping novel that explores a deadly tangle of love and espionage in war-torn Britain, and I was instantly swept up by Sarah’s story – the moment that ruins her life, the decision that changes her life, and the mission that could cost her her life. Pam is a fantastic new voice in historical fiction and I’m beyond thrilled to be welcoming her to the Avon list.”

Pam said: “I am so grateful to my agent Thérèse Coen for believing in my writing and for brokering this deal on my behalf. Going forward, I am excited to be working with such a great team at Avon, not least with my editor Katie whose enthusiasm for these stories has been fantastic. Both books were inspired by my local and family history, and hopefully shed more light on the role that many Irish people played during WW2, both on the home front in Britain and on the frontline.”

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