We welcome submissions and are actively seeking to represent both established and new talent.

We accept submissions of literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, crime and thriller, horror, YA, middle grade, memoir, narrative non-fiction including popular science and history, other quality non-fiction.

We are very selective in taking on new authors so don’t be disappointed if your work isn’t for us. Please don’t send us poetry, plays / screenplays / scripts, or very young children’s / picture books.

We are interested in international fiction, but US authors may be better served by an agent in the US in the first instance unless there is a compelling reason to have a UK agent.

For Fiction

Send a covering email, and attach a one-page synopsis as well as the full manuscript.

Please direct your submission to ONE agent (more info here) and send by email to: submissions@hardmanswainson.com and not to our personal email addresses.

For Non-Fiction

Send a covering email outlining your book, why it has a place on the bookshelf and why you are qualified to write it, along with a proposal and a sample chapter of the whole work, if it is completed.

We want to see everything in one hit, so please include the sample material along with the query – either as an attachment or in the body of the email.

Please direct your submission to ONE agent (more info here) and send by email to: submissions@hardmanswainson.com and not to our personal email addresses.

A note about rejections:
We read everything we receive, but for the majority of those we cannot represent we simply don’t have the time to give feedback. We receive a huge number of submissions every week. This is a very subjective business, so it is worth persevering with other agents, but if you find you are being rejected repeatedly by agents and publishers then it may be worth your while seeking advice from a literary consultancy who read and critique for a fee. Please see our resources page for more information.