Our people

Founded in 2012, Hardman & Swainson is a dynamic London-based literary agency with a diverse range of clients. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to our authors, working closely with them at all stages of their careers.

Caroline Hardman


I love being a literary agent: the thrill of finding brilliant new writers, working with them to hone their work, sending their manuscripts to the right editors, getting great deals, and then seeing those books on the shelves or in the hands of enthusiastic readers. I’m honoured to represent a...

Joanna Swainson


After a degree in French I ran a business for several years, providing a range of copy writing and editing services. My love of books and an interest in writing led me to freelance for a number of literary agents, including one of the most commercial agencies in London. Submissions...

Hannah Ferguson


I grew up living above my family run bookshop in the Midlands. Books have always been a huge part of my life and, unsurprisingly, one of my first jobs was working in said bookshop. I moved to London for a time to study Creative Writing at Goldsmiths and later started...

Thérèse Coen

Rights Director & Agent

I was born and raised in Belgium, on a diet of frites and Tintin. I moved to England in my late teens with my family, then stayed in London to do a History degree and Masters at University College London. Having been brought up bilingual, translation rights seemed like the...

Nicole Etherington

Assistant Agent

As a teenager, I was convinced I would have a career as an artist, painting Hockney-esque landscapes. I studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, but it wasn’t long before I realised I wasn’t a natural with a paintbrush and my interest lay in telling stories. In 2015, I joined the...

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