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10 Rillington Place meets Silent Witness set in the Agatha Christie era and written with the verve and suspense of a crime thriller

In September 1935, Dr Buck Ruxton strangled his wife Isabella, whom he suspected of having an affair, in their Lancashire home while their three children slept in their beds. When the nanny, Mary Rogerson, disturbed him in the act, he killed her too.

He dismembered and chopped up the bodies, before disposing of them in a number of bags in a ravine on the Scottish borders. When first discovered, it was unclear how many bodies the police were dealing with. The world’s media went into a frenzy over the so-called ‘Jigsaw Murders’.

It took the genius of Professors Sydney Smith and John Glaister and their ground-breaking forensic techniques to piece together the identities of the bodies, pointing the finger of suspicion firmly towards Buck Ruxton.

The Jigsaw Murders tells the whole story of these gruesome killings for the first time, bringing to life the enigmatic and charismatic Ruxton himself, and his victims Isabella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson.