Marion Bishop’s life has fallen apart.

Her daughter Hope was killed in a hit-and-run accident six months ago, and now Sam, her beloved husband, has walked out. Left alone with her grief, Marion has begun to contemplate the unthinkable.

However, a strange chance encounter makes her realise that life can be worth living. But can she convince Sam to give their marriage a second chance?

‘Occasionally a chick-lit novel comes along that doesn’t conform to the usual predictable style…it’s simply the gritty and dynamic characters who immediately jump out and cause you to live every heartbreaking moment with them. Susy McPhee’s descriptive and emotional writing does just that – we instantly emphathise with her characters, and this, her second book, is a refreshingly raw and thought-provoking read…A beautifully written tale you’ll devour at once…..Keep a box of tissues handy while you devour this dark novel…’