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Alice Loxton

Alice Loxton is a historian, writer, and presenter with a passion for communicating the past in a creative way. She holds an MA in History (Dissertation on James Gillray) from the University of Edinburgh. She has been described as “the star of her generation” and “the next big thing in history” by Dan Snow. She launched the History Hit TikTok account, acquiring over 20,000 followers in three months, and has over a million followers across Instagram and TikTok (@history_alice). She has written, produced and performed her own Edinburgh show and is the founder of the award-winning, satirical, student history magazine, The Plague.

Her first book, UPROAR!, shines a light on the brilliant satirists of the late Georgian period and has been very well endorsed by historians so far. 

Alice also presents short form and long form video content, where she is known for her lively and engaging style. She has been the lead female presenter at History Hit TV for several years, presenting documentaries and history content on a wide variety of topics alongside the likes of Dan Snow, Dan Cruickshank and Suzannah Lipscomb. Alice has also worked with many big brands (Call of Duty, LadBible, Minecraft, Xbox, Channel 4, BBC Bitesize, Christie’s, TFL) to bring history to new and diverse audiences.

When she isn’t presenting or writing books, Alice has been an advocate for bringing history to younger audiences – particularly young adults. She has led the youth wing of the National Trust, and is works with the National Trust as their Young Person adviser – essentially to improve their relationship with the 18-25 age group. 

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