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Alison White

Alison White grew up in Sheffield, studied in Leeds and moved to Glasgow, where she set up her own Landscape Architectural business, and exhibited in the Scottish Art Scene. In 1996 Alison’s first child, Louis, was delivered by emergency caesarian section at thirty-two weeks gestation. He suffered severe brain damage due to her undetected pre-eclampsia in the days preceding his birth, and has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. From this point Alison’s life drastically changed.

In 2003 Alison left Scotland to live remotely in southwest Wales with her husband, Greg, and their three children, Louis, Natasha and Jack. Here they built a house to meet Louis’ needs and were able to allow their younger two children to run wild.

Alison’s memoir, addressed to Louis, explores their first eighteen years together. Louis is still unable to walk, eat or do most basic tasks unaided but his indomitable spirit, irreverent humour, and surprising talents shine through. Her book offers a glimpse into the world of disability and caring and also explores hope: the hope we place in others, in systems, and the hope we have for the future.

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