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Carol Donaldson

Carol Donaldson is a nature writer and conservationist. Originally from Essex, she left at 19 to live in a trailer tent and build houses for Native Americans in Canada. She returned to England to study creative writing at Derby University and Countryside Management at Birkbeck College.

Carol has worked for many of Britain’s best wildlife charities and currently runs her own environmental consultancy, where she spends her days wading down rivers looking for water voles and rugby tackling barn owls.

As a writer, she has written for Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife Magazine and The Telegraph. She was BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Travel Writer of the Year in 2011.

At 19, Carol’s ambitions were to live in a cabin by a lake, own a horse and publish a book. She has now done all three. She currently lives near the Medway River in Kent where she is formulating new ambitions.

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