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Lauren Price

My name is Lauren Price, I was born in 1999 and I’m currently studying Media Production at Lincoln University.

I was raised in Coventry, living and breathing books and falling in love with the escapist worlds of fiction. As a result of this, I finished my first novel at the age of 15 on the online writing community ‘Wattpad’ where I received a wide recognition for my playful, and frankly quite weird, creative voice. With the support from thousands worldwide on the site, I learned so much about how to shape characters, and engage my audience into relationships that aren’t their own. I am still an incredibly keen learner on that front.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, quite obviously, drawing and playing with my little sister whom I absolutely adore. I hope one day to become the next JK Rowling (an impossible feat) or more realistically, to bring a smile to somebody’s face when they need it most.

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