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Miss South

Originally from Belfast, but now living in Brixton Miss South is a self taught cook. She arrived at recipe writing via an unexpected route of chronic illness, daytime television, homelessness, benefits and blogging.

Passionate about encouraging people about food and cooking rather than telling them what to do, she enjoys rising to the challange of cooking on a small budget. She does not however enjoy the washing up that goes with it, so is delighted to have discovered the slow cooker.

Her first recipe book hopes to introduce everyone else to interesting cooking in the slow cooker and will be published by Ebury in 2014. Miss South blogs primarily at North/South Food alongside her brother Mister North. She is also the Food and Drink editor at Brixton Blog. Her work has appeared in the Observer Food Monthly and been featured on The Food Programme on Radio 4. She is editing the book Recipes from Brixton Village and has been shortlisted for the Young British Foodies Fresh Voices in Foodwriting Award 2013.

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