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Don’t Trust Him

The brand new gripping and authentic crime thriller from Lisa Cutts, a real-life police detective

Lisa Cutts


What if the person sworn to protect you is the only one you should fear?

After the body of a missing woman is discovered in a shallow grave, Detective Inspector Harry Powell steps in to lead the hunt for the killer. But when his investigation brings him face-to-face with an old case in his career, he begins to fear that a fatal mistake from his past may have left a dangerous criminal roaming free.

While the Murder Squad are occupied by their new case, a new arrival sends ripples throughout the ranks. On the outside, Detective Constable Dane Hoopman appears to be like any other officer, but under the surface, does a dark secret lie in wait?

As Harry’s search for the killer intensifies, he notices that his newest recruit is growing ever closer to one of the more vulnerable members on his team. Are Dane Hoopman’s intentions all that they seem? Or might Harry’s investigation end up leading him much closer to home?