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A psychologically gripping novel of estranged sisters, deep secrets, and tense twists.

Sarah Tierney


At the height of summer, two sisters reunite at a remote cottage. They’ve long been distant from each other, literally as well as emotionally: Anna is a free-spirited wanderer and Catherine is career-focused and settled in one place. So, some tension is not surprising, but it rapidly escalates when odd things start happening during the all-night twilight on the wild peninsula.

Who’s the watchful girl with a baby and what does she want from the sisters? Who bangs on their windows in the early hours then disappears into the woods? What does the sad-eyed Scottish man Anna is falling for know about it all? And how does it link back to an event twenty years ago that the sisters never talk about – the incident that created all this confusion, dislocation, and longing in the first place?

This suspenseful, knowing novel explores how psychosis creeps in on the back of isolation and suspicion; the shadow that motherhood casts over women’s lives, even when there is no child; and how buried trauma always winds its way up to the surface – sometimes in the strangest and most frightening ways.