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An exploration and history of the demonisation of the middle-aged woman, and a re-evaluation and defence of the role and relevance of middle-aged woman in our society.

Fleet / Little, Brown
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Victoria Smith


What is it about turning forty which turns a woman into a fearsome hag?

For the past nine years, Victoria Smith has been writing about issues relating to motherhood, politics and female bodies. In the midst of doing this, she’s allowed middle age to happen to her. Some things – a sagging neckline, ageing parents, late night mortality panics – she could have anticipated. Being viewed as morally inferior has come as a total shock.

Why should a cohort so essential to the functioning of society be treated with such active disdain? What’s made us the face of bigotry, entitlement, selfishness? Ageing while female has started to feel like a transgression for which we must atone. Are we really terrible people, or is something else going on? Hags seeks to explain why.