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How to Kill with Kindness

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A brand new psychological thriller for 2024. In the close- knit village of Nether Appleford, kindness is at the heart of everything the community does. But what if the kindest thing you can do is to hurt someone? Then what do you do...

SR Masters


Welcome to the kindest village in the country. If you follow their rules, you’ll be ok. If you don’t, they’ll make you pay…

The brand new psychological thriller for fans of T.M. Logan, Gillian McAllister and Lisa Jewell.

The village of Nether Appleford calls itself ‘England’s Kindest Village’. Overseen by the Kindness Committee, this close-knit community strives to live their lives with kindness at the heart of everything they do.

Just Be Kind. It’s as simple as that.

But what is kindness? Is it doing something to help someone else? Is it giving up your time to help your community? Or, perhaps it’s something a lot less obvious…

What if the kindest thing you could do meant hurting someone? Then what would you do?


‘A sinister and unsettling psychological thriller with echoes of Ira Levin at his best. I loved it.’
Michael Wood, author of The Mind of a Murderer

Hell is other people, as Sartre once said, and that goes for the ‘utopian’ English village at the heart of How to Kill with Kindness. Eerie from the outset, this surprising story grows darker and chillier with each page. A Stepford vibe elevates a thriller that entertains while posing fascinating questions about our humanity.’
Jo Furness, author of Dead Mile