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In Her Shadow

A pacy, twisting thriller about revenge and betrayal, set amongst the historic streets of Edinburgh. Perfect for fans of B.A. Paris and C.L. Taylor.

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Emma Christie


Bus driver Dave Kellock is a pillar of the community in Portobello, Edinburgh.
But he’s also a fraud.
His past is dragged into the present when a lone passenger steps onto his bus on an ordinary Monday morning. One look and Dave knows it’s her: the same woman he killed almost twenty years earlier.
Meanwhile, city police investigate a series of nuisance calls, allegedly made from Dave’s home landline. He’s stunned.
But if he didn’t make them, who did?
As he battles to track down a dead woman and identify his mystery intruder Dave makes a terrifying realisation.
Wherever he goes, someone is watching.


An emotional gut-puncher that sparkles with wry wit and heart that will have you staying up late to finish it all in one sitting!’
 Jonathan Whitelaw

‘A powerful and moving psychological thriller, full of twists and turns, that explores the heart breaking ways trauma, shame and loss can warp and harm our connections with those we love most. Another great read for Emma Christie’s many fans.’
Philippa East

‘Christie’s third novel is a darkly atmospheric, original thriller… I really enjoyed the fact that Dave, the killer at the centre of this story, is just an ordinary man, doing an ordinary, almost anonymous job. It makes the plot of the book feel more realistic and 20 shades darker. In Her Shadow is a gripping, tense and highly original thriller which will keep you turning its pages deep into the night.’
Book of the Month, The Scots Magazine

‘Emma Christie is the queen of misdirection.’
Trevor Wood

‘A novel that delivers in mystery, heart, and tension.’
L.V. Matthews

‘An absolute gem of a book.’
Marion Todd

‘A beautifully written story of love, loss, guilt and redemption.’
Catherine Cooper