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In Her Shadow

A pacy, twisting thriller about revenge and betrayal, set amongst the historic streets of Edinburgh. Perfect for fans of B.A. Paris and C.L. Taylor.

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Emma Christie


Dave Kellock is a pillar of the community in Portobello, Edinburgh. A tireless volunteer who never misses a chance to help others, he’s just been recognised on the King’s Honours List.

Dave Kellock is also a fraud. A moment of panic, violence and blood twenty years ago plagues his dreams. He’s been hiding himself in Portobello, terrified that his past will catch up with him. Now that his photo has been in the paper, collecting his award, the truth won’t stay buried for long.

Someone is watching Dave, at every turn, even making calls from within his own house and bringing the police to his door. The clock is ticking – he needs to find who’s behind this before the police find him.

When a local teenage girl goes missing, Dave is suddenly a suspect and not only is his freedom in jeopardy but her life is too. Will he find this girl? And just how is she linked to the secret he’s been keeping all these years?