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It Always Snows on Mistletoe Square

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Ali McNamara


Bestselling author and reader favourite, Ali McNamara, is giving her readers just what’s on their Christmas list. Curl up with this magical winter warmer…

Wanted: experienced writer to record the history of one house and its family.
Bed and board provided, the successful applicant must love Christmas.

Elle is rudderless, jobless and she’s soon to be homeless. When she spies an advert that looks like it could answer all her problems she’s devastated to see one huge catch. Elle definitely does not love Christmas.
On Mistletoe Square, an eccentric elderly woman and her unconventional housekeeper have an enormous Christmas tree and a box of delicate decorations collected over what must be centuries. With each decoration comes a story and with each story a breath-taking glimpse of a Christmas past.
One Christmas at a time, the house’s history is brought vividly to life for Elle. But the more she sees of the family’s past, the more she wonders where and how their story might end. And what of her own story? Is it possible that what felt like an ending might have been leading her here, to a new beginning?