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Love in a Time of War

Three sisters, the Great War, the end of innocence...

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Adrienne Chinn


In 1913, in a quiet corner of London, the three Fry sisters are coming of age, dreaming of all the possibilities the bright future offers. But when war erupts their innocence is shattered and a new era of uncertainty begins.

Cecelia loves Max but his soldier’s uniform is German, not British, and suddenly the one man she loves is the one man she can’t have.

Jessie enlists in the army as a nurse and finally finds the adventure she’s craved when she’s sent to Gallipoli and Egypt, but it comes with an unimaginable cost.

Etta elopes to Capri with her Italian love, Carlo, but though her growing bump is real, her marriage certificate is a lie.

As the three sisters embark on journeys they never could have imagined, their mother Christina worries about the harsh new realities they face, and what their exposure to the wider world means for the secrets she’s been keeping…


‘Just stunning, a sublime tale of secrets, strong women and turbulent times. I absolutely adored it.’
Clare Marchant

‘What a fantastic book! The reader is swept on a whirlwind journey across Europe, from Capri to London to Egypt and beyond… I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this novel and did not want it to end.’
Kath McGurl

‘Adrienne Chinn’s Love in a Time of War is beautifully epic, romantic & rich in detail’
Lorna Cook

‘I very much enjoyed reading it. What a sweeping and evocative story it is. Well-researched and with lots of attention to detail, I found it very authentic.’
Rosanna Ley 

‘I thoroughly enjoyed Adrienne’s Love In A Time Of War. It’s a truly epic read, spanning continents and momentous events, the different narratives braided to form a powerful rope of story of love found and love lost.’
Jane Johnson