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My Mother’s Shadow

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My Mother’s Shadow, Nikola’s debut novel, is the unputdownable, poignant and atmospheric story of a woman who discovers the existence of a twin sister she never knew she had. What was the truth behind her mother’s dark secret, and why were the twins separated? The story moves between the near-present and the late 1950s, where the mother’s touching, heart-breaking diaries tell of an idyllic Sussex summer and its shocking aftermath. Beautifully written and astonishingly accomplished, My Mother’s Shadow is an irresistible read for anyone who loves the novels of Kate Morton or Rachel Hore.

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Nikola Scott


Hartland House has always been a faithful keeper of secrets…

1958 . Sent to beautiful Hartland to be sheltered from her mother’s illness, Liz spends the summer with the wealthy Shaw family. They treat Liz as one of their own, but their influence could be dangerous…

Now . Addie believes she knows everything about her mother Elizabeth and their difficult relationship until her recent death. When a stranger appears claiming to be Addie’s sister, she is stunned. Is everything she’s been told about her early life a lie?

How can you find the truth about the past if the one person who could tell you is gone? Addie must go back to that golden summer her mother never spoke of…and the one night that changed a young girl’s life for ever.


‘An intriguing twisting story with a lush opening and beautifully descriptive writing throughout. I loved it.’
Dinah Jefferies, author of Before the Rains, The Silk Merchant’s Daughter, The Tea Planter’s Wife and The Separation

‘Compelling, atmospheric and beautifully written, My Mother’s Shadow is a profoundly moving debut that trembles with family secrets. By turns heartbreaking and hopeful, it shines a light on the bonds between women and the incredible hidden pasts of the people we love. I adored it.’
Victoria Fox, author of The Silent Fountain

‘A gripping family mystery told in lush, evocative prose: My Mother’s Shadow will transport you to another time and place but the heartbreak makes itself felt across the decades.’
Erin Kelly, author of He Said, She Said

‘A compelling family story . . . beautifully written and evokes vivid pictures of an English summer in the 1950s.’
Sheila O’Flanagan, author of What Happened That Night and The Missing Wife