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Reboot: Rethinking Technology for a Happier Life

In her signature storytelling style, Kasket inspires you to make values-driven, self-aware, smart choices about technology – choices that will help you be the person, parent and partner you want to be. 

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Elaine Kasket


Join psychotherapist Dr Elaine Kasket as she takes us on a journey to rethink technology- and tune into what really matters.

* Do your screen time reports make you wonder what you’re missing out on in ‘real’ life?
* Have you ever phubbed your partner on a date night?
* Will your kids forgive your sharenting when they are old enough to understand digital consent?
* Do you want to live a more balanced, present life?

In a digital world full of distraction and noise, it can be so easy to lose sight of the relationships and people that really matter. Yet as this transformative book shows, it is entirely possible at every stage of our lives to make positive choices about who we connect with and how we share our world with the people we know, love and trust.

Armed with Elaine’s insights, you won’t just think differently about technology. You’ll feel happier and more empowered along the way.


‘Witty, bracingly honest, deeply humane and piercingly insightful, Reboot is both a call to take back our digital agency and an empowering toolkit for helping us to do so.’
Patrick Stokes 

‘A critical reminder that, at every stage of life, we get to choose our relationship with technology – and our choices shape our humanity. Kasket’s book is a roadmap filled with generous possibilities.’
Luke Burgis, Author of Wanting

‘Digital technologies aren’t just transforming every area of life. They’re transforming us, and this book, examining the psychological, social and technological intersections of this transformation, couldn’t be more timely.’
Catherine Mayer, Author of Good Grief

Reboot is an incredibly well researched and entertaining book … I do research on the impact of digital technology for a living. Even so, this is undoubtedly one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read this year.’
Carl Öhman, Author of The Afterlife Of Data