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The Life Changing Magic of Quitting Alcohol

Stop drinking and start living with this practical guide to living your best life without alcohol from BBC radio presenter Sharon Hartley.

Sharon Hartley


After years and years of drinking too much, too fast and too often, Sharon Hartley jumped off the hangover hamster wheel of hell. She stopped drinking, and started living in ways she didn’t think possible.

The Life-Changing Magic of Quitting Alcohol is the go-to practical guide that inspires you to do the same. It gives you practical advice and guides you through how to do it, navigate social situations, take on the daunting 100-day alcohol-free challenge and sets you on a life-altering journey.

Funny, full of warmth and brilliantly down to earth, this is the book you need to take that step and make that change. Sharon is the best friend you never knew you needed, and she shows you that this is the only book you need to banish the booze once and for all.