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The Family on Smith Street

For fans of KL Slater and Alice Hunter, this dark new suspense novel was inspired by the serial killers that evade capture for years while living seemingly normal lives, such as Joseph DeAngelo, Peter Tobin, Joanna Dennehy and Steve Wright.

Elisabeth Carpenter


A picturesque street. The perfect family. A secret someone would kill for.

My husband James and I love living on Smith Street, with its neat houses and friendly family barbecues. Our daughter Scarlett can play outside with the other local kids – it’s somewhere nothing bad could ever happen. Or so I thought…

Because when I wake terrified, head pounding, in a cramped windowless room, I realise I was entirely wrong. As my eyes adjust to the dark, I see creased pictures of missing local people I vaguely recognise from the news covering the walls. Then my skin turns ice-cold when I notice the newest pictures are of me, of James, of Scarlett…

A terrified sob catches in my throat. It seems there’s been a killer hiding in our neighbourhood for years. And I’m their next victim.

I stare at the photos in horror. Because if they’ve got me, they could also have James or, worst of all, my precious daughter Scarlett… In that moment, I know I’ll do anything, everything, to save my family. Especially because, deep down, I know this is all my fault…

A completely compelling and page-turning psychological thriller perfect for fans of My Lovely Wife, The Serial Killer’s Wife and The Housemaid.

Readers love Elisabeth Carpenter:

‘I LOVED 99 Red Balloons. What a rollercoaster of a read! I swear, you could almost SEE the moment when everything clicked into place in my head! A brilliant, tense, pacy read.’ Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between Me And You

‘Superb… pacey, suspenseful… and compelling thriller that manages to pack a punch – and still throws you right at the end. It’s perfect – I loved every word.’ Sam Carrington, bestselling author of Saving Sophie

‘A real rollercoaster of a read… I couldn’t put this book down.’ Charlotte Duckworth, author of The Rival

‘Tense, shocking and terrifyingly believable… A fantastic read.’ Rebecca Tinnelly, author of Never Go There

‘Totally gripping from start to finish.’ Amanda Robson