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The Secret Sister

A completely gripping and heart-breaking story of love, courage and a sister’s sacrifice which shines a light on the forgotten heroes of World War Two.

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Liz Trenow


England, 1944: As I look around the childhood room I used to share with my twin brother Ed, I realise just how much the war has taken from us already. Ed was never the same after he helped our father in the Dunkirk rescue. Clutching his call-up letter in my hands, I know that Ed has fled, leaving behind his family and all he has ever known.

But I know that if Ed fails to accept his call-up he will be found and imprisoned. I’m his sister and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him. As I step into his overcoat and study myself in the mirror, I realise there might just be a way to save him, if only I can find the courage to do it.

Arriving at the call up, I’m told that I’m to become a Bevin boy, one of the many men called to work in the mines and power the country through the war. I hesitate, unsure if I can really take on such difficult work whilst my friends become land girls and nurses. But my brother and my country need me, and in that moment I vow to do whatever it takes.

As I adapt to my new life, I meet a young man named Peter and as we grow closer, I realise that I am slowly losing my heart to him. But I know the risks if the secret of who I really am is ever revealed. How much am I prepared to sacrifice for the ones I love the most?