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The Woman at No.13

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A gripping and atmospheric crime thriller perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, Claire Allan and Simon McCleave.

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Kate O’Leary’s position in the small village in Northern Ireland has always been precarious. With strong beliefs that don’t always align with those of her deeply religious community, it’s a place she has nonetheless made home. Her role as the local GP, helping generations of those in need, gains her the begrudging respect of the village.

That is, until a body of a young woman is found and her blood is in Kate’s house.

Following her arrest, the rumours begin to grow and Kate reaches out to the only person she knows who could help. Jannis, a close friend and a police officer in Germany flies over instantly, knowing that in the claustrophobia of small-town living an official verdict can mean nothing if those looking for revenge find you guilty. Can Jannis help Kate find the real killer and clear her name in the process? It might just be the only way to make it out alive.