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A thrilling reappraisal of pre-MeToo era, The Noughties, told through the stories of some the decade's greatest female stars.

Sarah Ditum


Told through the careers and life stories of some of the most high-profile women of the decade – including Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton – Toxic explores how the media, empowered through the tools of the early internet age, created a new and brutal environment in which the rules of engagement between celebrities, the press and the public were changed.

In this ‘Upskirt Decade’, a new kind of star developed: the hot mess: attractive, famous and chaotic, known best for her wardrobe malfunctions, DUI convictions, public meltdowns, botched plastic surgery, broken marriages or sexual disasters. In this lively reckoning of the pre-MeToo era, Ditum will show how the ‘Upskirt Decade’ effect filtered through society so that celebrity culture and the lives of ordinary women became intertwined.