We are thrilled that air pollution specialist Mark Broomfield’s insightful and enlightening book, Every Breath You Take, has been selected by The Revelator as one of the ’13 best environmental books of July’! They said, ‘Why read a romance or thriller that will leave you breathless when you could learn more about what you’re actually breathing? And how to improve air quality?’

Mark also visited Jo Good’s show at BBC Radio London today to talk about the book, which is published today by Duckworth.

A fascinating journey through the atmosphere that will leave readers breathless.

We breathe in and out every few seconds. But what’s really in the air all around us? From the atmosphere on distant planets to the stuff that gets into our lungs, from holes in the ozone layer to lazy and disappearing gases, air quality specialist and full-time breather Dr Mark Broomfield is here to join up the particles and tell us everything we need to know about every breath we take.

With seven million early deaths a year linked to air pollution, air quality is headline news around the world. But how do we measure air pollution and what on earth is an odour panel? Why are property prices higher upwind of cities? Should you buy, hold on to, or avoid a diesel car? And will our grandchildren inherit an atmosphere worth breathing?

Every Breath You Take combines scientific evidence with Mark’s personal stories and advice on what you can do to improve air quality, giving us the low-down on what’s up high.

Mark Broomfield fell in love with the atmosphere while a student, did a PhD in atmospheric chemistry, and 30 years later, he still can’t get enough of it. Most of the time, he is an environmental consultant specialising in air quality, and in his spare time, he write about the atmosphere, air pollution and other matters of scientific, historical and even linguistic interest. In his spare spare time, he runs a kids’ club at his local church, sings in a couple of choirs, and makes sure he breathes in and out every few seconds.