Fantasy author Philip Quaintrell has landed an incredible six-figure audiobook deal for his six-book fantasy series. The world English-language audio rights were acquired by Victoria Gerken at Podium from Joanna Swainson at Hardman & Swainson.

The A TIME OF DRAGONS series will take place in a world already known to his readers – Verda.

Quaintrell commented ‘the new deal certainly makes my work feel valued’ and that he is very happy to continue working with Podium, who have already published sixteen of his titles. Joanna Swainson, agent, praised Quaintrell’s world building skills, and you don’t need to look far to see the wonderful reviews his readers have given his books.

As seen on The Bookseller, ‘Gerken said: “Podium has been proud to publish Philip C Quaintrell’s work in audio since he burst onto the literary scene with The Echoes Saga…Our team is thrilled to bring A Time of Dragons to his fans…”’.

The first book, ONCE WERE HEROES, is set to be published in January 2024, with the rest of the titles to follow in nine-to-twelve-month intervals.