Both Susanna Rustin’s Sexed: A History of British Feminism and Alice Loxton’s Eighteen: The Young Lives of 18 Leading Britons have been highlighted by The Guardian as some of the biggest nonfiction books of the year ahead.

Rustin’s Sexed, published by Polity, is being released on 13th June 2024. Guardian journalist Rustin argues that sex-based rights must remain central to feminist politics. Sexed uncovers the history of the present conflict, and explains why champions of women’s rights and freedoms have been arguing about femaleness for centuries.

Sexed can be pre-ordered here.

 Alice Loxton’s Eighteen zooms in on the lives of 18 exceptional Britons at the age of 18, from Empress Matilda to Vivienne Westwood. Published by Macmillan and available from the 22nd August 2024, Loxton’s Eighteen is also highlighted in Blackwell’s ‘The Books of 2024’. Young herself at 27, award-winning writer and broadcaster Alice Loxton builds a rich mosaic of Britain’s past in this unconventional and witty history.

 Eighteen can be pre-ordered here.