Maze/Avon UK
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Can the city that never sleeps save a woman on the run? 

Bonnie is used to being in the spotlight, until one little mistake forces her to hide in the shadows. Desperate, she turns to the only woman who can help, waitress Esther Knight – but when she arrives at the Starlight Diner, Esther has disappeared.

Alone in a new city with no one to turn to, Bonnie is terrified that her past will catch up with her. But under the New York City skyline, hope is brewing in the form of charming security officer Nick Moloney. If only she didn’t feel someone was onto her…

As the sun rises on the city, can Bonnie escape her past and rebuild her life? And could a blossoming romance be on the cards?

A heart-warming and witty New York set romance. If you love Phillipa Ashley and Faith Hogan you’ll love this novel that pulls at your heartstrings and won’t let you go.