Association is fatal.

At first they said it was coincidence. Number one drowned; number two beaten to death. But when a third woman is murdered at exactly one a.m. on a third consecutive Sunday, a dirty great hole appears in the freak incident theory.

It also seems victims are being selected at random. And when the press receives a message from the killer, promising further deaths, London descends into panic. Anyone could be next…

DCI Antonia Hawkins soon finds herself in charge of the biggest serial murder case to hit the capital in years. Hawkins is desperate to justify her recent secondment into the role of Chief Inspector, mainly to her misogynist boss, partly to herself. This is the perfect opportunity to prove her ability, but that’s not easy when your former colleague – and ex-lover – is drafted in to help with the case, not to mention receiving nuisance phone calls from a recently jilted fiancé, and dealing with the voice in your head that just keeps repeating:

you’re out of your depth

Yet there is a link between the victims and one that Hawkins must uncover before the killer strikes again. There’s more than just her career at stake.