The Shepherds Bush Murders
12th August 1966
The Crime that Shook Britain

Author Nick Russell-Pavier: “One of the more obvious things that has happened to our view of the Sixties is the way they have been idealised into a kind of lost golden age. The ‘dream’ aspect of the Sixties has been preserved, while their darker side has slipped from view. Three criminals, three policemen, three guns, three murders, 50 years later, the full story for the first time. A true crime thriller and also a vivid slice of British social history.”

harryrobertsOf the six men whose lives collided in the Braybrook Street killings on Friday 12 August ’66 the face of Harry Maurice Roberts is most publicised and recognisable. It has appeared in countless TV news bulletins and on newspaper front pages over the last fifty years. He has been attributed with being the instigator and epicentre of the bloodshed. As a result, apart from the first three days after the shootings before Roberts was publically identified, the Shepherds Bush Murders have almost never been mentioned in the press or media subsequently without the accompaniment of this photograph.

Murdered policemen



accomplicesCentury will publish The Shepherds Bush Murders in hardback in July 2016.